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Shops/Specialty Stores

Polytechs created online inventory displays and shopping carts for a noted retail client. Back office functions allow owners to upload products and change prices easily. Automated payment processing uses Paypal and bank merchant cards (Visa, Mastercard, etc.).

Service Industry

We developed an online quote system, allowing the business owner to upload products and services and product brochures. The sales staff can now quickly create new quotes, with assurance that the prices, products and services are accurate and up to date. Once generated, quotes can be printed on company letterhead or e-mailed to clients in PDF format. Back office features allow the owner to quickly modify a quote, track sales closing rates, sales and sales tax.

Manufacturing/Job Costing

Polytechs produced a database application that tracked job costs thru various workstation operations. The program allows engineers to enter time and materials against a job, and enables accounting to track production costs more accurately than ever before.


For a manufacturing/sales client, we created a Product Configurator that allows salespeople to quickly add various features and options to configurable products. The program followed rules to keep salespeople from making unallowable combinations. This helped reduce training time for new salespeople. The program also added product pricing in real time as new options are selected. This allowed salespeople to inform customers of costs of new options, and permitted immediate product customization and pricing – even while the salesperson was still talking with a customer.

Wholesale Pharmaceutical

We created an online application used by doctors to fill subscriptions and print medical labels. Doctors can track their medicine inventory, set minimum stocking levels and reorder online as needed.

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