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Real Estate: Various applications

Auction site

This online system is used by owners to analyze real estate property being auctioned. It tracks         property values, repairs needed, and estimated resale value. Once a purchase is complete, the program tracks all acquisition and repair costs.

Foreclosure Property Listings

Polytechs created a system allowing the owner to upload new property info and pictures. Visitors interested in a property can submit query to the agent. The site allows full searching and sorting of properties.

Inspection Certificate Processing

This application allows owners to upload foreclosed property lists obtained from banks in Excel, then assigns jobs to inspectors. Inspection results for each property are added, along with photos. Inspection certificates are created in PDF format and emailed to the bank with PDF invoices. Payments received from banks and made to inspectors are tracked.


We created an online application to allow the owner to custom design tests. Questions can be added, deleted, edited or rearranged. Students are assigned accounts and can take tests online. Some tests are timed. After test completion, tests are scored and various graphs are  produced in PDF format. Back office functions allow the owner the ability to selectively export score data for analysis.

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