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PHP web-based applications

PHP started as an open source, free scripting language, only used by nerdy programmers who disliked Microsoft.

Over the years, it has become ubiquitous, and is used by many large companies such as Yahoo, Google, Craigslist, and more. PHP applications are machine-independent, meaning they will work on a Microsoft Server as well as on a UNIX Server.

PHP is primarily used to interact with a web based database (usually mySQL) to provide dynamic content. What does this mean to you? Your custom database program can be a web based application, and can be accessed from anywhere. From a development standpoint, it makes providing updates and program enhancements simple, since only the server needs to be updated. So, if you had a custom application like Microsoft Access, every computer that was running the program would have to be updated.

With a PHP web-based application, Polytechs can take your business away from being tangled up in Excel spreadsheets, and bring you to a whole new level of efficiency.

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