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Why Develop Custom Software?

If you can find a software program "off-the-shelf" that does everything you need, then you don’t need custom software.

However, if the software you have is missing some important features required by your business, then you have 3 options:

  • You can change the way you do business. Usually this is not a very good option.
  • You can work around the problem. This is probably what you're doing now, and it can be costly, time consuming and frustrating.
  • You can have software developed specifically to solve your problem.

At Polytechs we know that every business has something about it that makes it unique. Sometimes "off-the-shelf" software is simply lacking a critical feature that you need – and, many times, these programs are too complicated for business users. Perhaps the way you do business is so unique, or your product or service is so specialized, that there is nothing commercially available to help you run your business.

If you are buried in paperwork, if you have to call your customers back to research simple requests, if producing meaningful management reports takes hours (or worse - days), then you should consider having a custom application developed for your business. Custom software by Polytechs can improve and automate your business, and increase your operating efficiency and profitability.

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