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Case Study #4

Our client provides a sign service to real estate offices. Her business entails placing and removing “For Sale” and “For Rent” signs at properties.


When a property was being sold or rented, she would remove the signs, or in some cases, modify the signs with an “In Escrow” tag. Some signs were customized with the name of individual realtors, and some were for the main office only. All signs were stored by her company in a warehouse, and she would report back to the realtor on the number of signs available.

The Problem:

Each day she would assemble sign requests from the previous day and plot them on a map. Then, she would put together driver routes to give to her drivers. The drivers would first visit the warehouse to pick up signs to install, and then go on their routes. At the end of their routes, they would return any signs they removed and these would be checked back into the warehouse.

When a sign was installed, it was for a certain period the realtor specified. The realtors were billed based upon this period, and signs would automatically be removed unless the realtor requested an extension. Keeping track of all the dates and creating an accurate invoice for the realtors was a major problem.

All sign inventory, removal or installation requests were stored on Excel spreadsheets. Eventually, as her business grew, she found she was unable function this way. The spreadsheets were unwieldy and prone to mistakes that were almost impossible to catch. Each new client she got added to the information burden. She wanted to market to larger real estate offices, but couldn’t handle the workload.

The Solution:

Polytechs created a complete, web-based application to manage all areas of the business. Now, drivers are assigned map coordinates for their territories. When sign requests come in, the property addresses are mapped to the coordinates, and are automatically assigned to the drivers. Driver stops are incremented, so no driver gets overloaded.

Sign inventory is tracked in real time, and minimum stocks are maintained according to pre-established levels. The owner can now inform her clients immediately if there are enough signs on hand to fulfill each job.

In addition, we create an invoicing system that can be completed with just a few mouse clicks, instead her old all-day accounting chore. Her business efficiency level increased exponentially, and revenues increased dramatically as accurate invoices can now be sent in a timely manner.
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