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Case Study #3

Our client has been providing printed educational tests to schools throughout the US for many years. These tests are used by guidance counselors to help students make career choices. Each test has been carefully crafted and refined over the years.


In the past, whenever a school has expressed in providing these tests to their students, the company mailed them the tests and answer sheets. After the students took the test, the answer sheets were mailed back to our client for scoring. The results were then tabulated and mailed back to the schools.

The Problem:

Our client faced numerous problems. Even though he had a loyal customer base of schools, client schools increasingly demanded to move their activities online. Administering paper tests was becoming less attractive, and schools wanted a much quicker turn-around time in processing test results.

It was becoming more difficult to market and sell paper testing to new schools. For colleges and universities with students distributed across main sites and satellite campuses as well,  paper tests administered by proctors were impractical.

In addition, designing and testing new exam questions was difficult on paper - there was no practical way to quickly test the results of new questions and incorporate them into a pre-printed paper test.

The Solution:

We designed and built an interface that allows our client to quickly, easily create test questions and present tests online for students. We made it possible for tests to be scored  upon completion, and results are now available immediately online. The application generated PDF files complete with graphics and statistical results that students could download and analyze.

We also created “back office functions” that allow our client to export raw or processed test scores for analysis. This enables them to study how student demographics affect  test scores, and gives them feedback that leads to better test questions. Newly designed test questions can now be tested online immediately, before being incorporated into a new test. Test questions can easily be added, edited, deleted or rearranged.

The account management functions also allows the tests to be sold to a wider range of schools, and the online nature of the tests make them more attractive as well.

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