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Case Study #1

Our client is in the heating and air conditioning business, selling and installing high end equipment for residential and commercial customers. The owner of the business is an aggressive marketer, determined to grow his business.


The company sales process requires an initial onsite visit, during which customer needs and budget are identified. In the past. the information would be taken back to the office, where equipment and service prices were checked, and then a quote was printed on company letterhead and sent to the customer. After reviewing initial quotes, customers often wished to add or remove items, and then asked for a revised quote. To fulfill this, the staff cut and pasted as much of the original quote as possible, then typed in new information. Vendor catalogs had to be checked for current pricing, and dollar amounts were added up manually. Sometimes weeks would go by before potential customers requested quote changes, and the office staff had to search computer folders for the quote.

The Problem:

The owner’s marketing efforts created numerous sales leads. However, the cumbersome and time consuming quotation process was limiting the number of leads the company could realistically pursue. There was also a great margin for error -  the potential to quote the wrong price, offer an obsolete product, or even forget to offer additional compatible products or services. Since the owner is very image conscious, he insisted upon perfection across the board, from initial customer quotes to the final installation of the equipment. Hiring additional salespeople to help was not an option.

The Solution:

Polytechs created an attractive, easy to use web based application for the salespeople to use in the field. Each salesperson now has a laptop computer and printer, and a wireless internet card. Each can log in to the application and scroll through a comprehensive, well organized list of all company products and services.  Then, with a few mouse clicks, the program creates a perfect quote in PDF format on company letterhead. The quote can be printed out and given to the client without returning to the office to “work up the quote”. The customer is also sent an email with the PDF quote attached, with a link to the company’s web site where product brochures and company information can also be found.

Our client now rests easy knowing the database maintains a current list of all the products and services his company offers, and that the application prints a perfect, attractive quote that meets his high standards. When a potential customer calls in requesting  a change, the quote can be brought up on the computer quickly. A few mouse clicks later, a brand new quote is emailed to the customer - while they are still on the phone.

The application we created resulted in a significant increase in the quality and number of quotes the business can deliver, which has in turn resulted in a significant increase in sales.

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